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Buy Black Cardamom is dried over a smoke fire and therefore contains a distinct smokey fragrance.

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Black Cardamom - MvM Naturals: 50GM

Black cardamom is often referred to as the 'Queen of Spices'. While it is commonly used as a flavouring spice for many Indian dishes, it also contains a number of health benefits. In fact the oil, which is extracted from black cardamom seeds, is used for a number of health and beauty purposes.

Black cardamom, also known as (kali elaichi) hill cardamom, Bengal cardamom, greater cardamom, Indian cardamom, Nepal cardamom, winged cardamom, or brown cardamom.

The pods are used as a spice, in a similar manner to the green Indian cardamom pods, but with a different flavor. Unlike green cardamom, this spice is rarely used in sweet dishes. Its smoky flavor and aroma derive from traditional methods of drying over open flames.

Black cardamom is often erroneously described as an inferior substitute for green cardamom by those unfamiliar with the spice; actually, it is just not as well suited for the sweet/hot dishes which typically include cardamom, and that are more commonly prepared outside the plant's native range.

Black cardamom, as other spices used in Northern India, needs some time to develop its aroma best. This behavior is shared by other unground spices, like cinnamon, cloves and green cardamom, all of which are popular in Northern India and mostly used unground. Thus, it is generally a good idea to prepare Northern Indian dishes of braising type (kormas) a few hours or even one day in advance.

Benefits of Black Cardamom :

Ensures gastrointestinal health

Black cardamom seeds are extremely effective when it comes to ensuring a healthy gastrointestinal tract. It stimulates intestinal and gastric glands in order to secrete essential juices. It also regulates juice secretion procedure in order to control stomach acids. These black seeds can also be used to cure heart burns and stomach cramps – common symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders. Black cardamom also contains certain digestive properties which help in healing chronic constipation while improving your appetite. Additionally, since black cardamom is carminative in nature, it can provide relief from abdominal gas. Therefore, it helps prevent indigestion, in addition to flatulence, which can be caused by it as a result.

Maintains cardiovascular health

Black cardamom is also said to extremely heart-healthy. Therefore, it can be used to safeguard cardiac health greatly. One of the important benefits is that they help maintain cardiac rhythm. This helps in ensuring that your blood pressure is under control too. It ensures a healthy heart by reducing the probability of blood clots. Also, the seeds are an effective way of ensuring that you do not fall prey to a heat or sun stroke during summer.

Provides respiratory relief

If you have a history of suffering from respiratory problems, black cardamom seeds can help be a natural remedy to cure these problems. It can help provide relief from a number of respiratory disorders like:

  • Asthma
  • Whooping cough
  • Bronchitis
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis

How to use black cardamom for health purposes?

  • Chewing a few pieces of cardamom can help increase your appetite.
  • A few ground pieces of cardamom can be consumed to ensure good breath. You can add it to your toothpaste before brushing your teeth to make it easier to consume.
  • You can use cardamom oil for massages as it immediately helps relieve mental strain as well as emotional stress. The oil can also be used to provide relief from muscular and joint pain.
  • The black seed also possesses antispasmodic properties. Therefore, if you feel like vomiting, you can take a small amount of cardamom seed powder and swallow it with a glass of water. This remedy will provide relief from spasms and pain.
  • Chewing a few cardamom seeds everyday will help in detoxifying your body. Ensure to have a handful of these seeds after every meal for effective results.
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