Reward Points - Cashback

Reward Points - Cashback

The system of Reward Points which is now also known as CashBack is the system where our Customers are rewarded with reward points that allows them to use the accumulated reward point to pay for next purchase on this site.

Some frequently asked questions :

What is the minimum purchase amount to be able to earn the reward points ?
Ans:  There as no minimum purchase cap here, you just earn some points on every purchases you make on our website. As simple as that.

How to use the rewards points ?
Ans:  To use the reward points all you have to do use the rewrad points while you make the payment for your next purchase. Please remember the points earned a particular order can be used on your next puchase.

How much of the reward points can I use with next purchase ?
Ans:  That is upto you!  We do not block our Customers from using their own earned Reward points. We encourage our Customers to use the reward points, so they pay less on their orders and .

Can I transfer these points to someone else ?
These points are rewarded to our Loyal Customers to enable them pay for their orders. Hence at the moment we do not allow the tranfer of Reward points to other accounts.

How to earn these reward points ?
Ans:  Reward points can be used by making a purchase on this site. Each product has been some reward points attached to it. 

To check the reward points please Login to your account

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