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The various herbs used in different medical products

In India, the herbs are being used as medicine and everyone knows them by the name of Ayurveda. Herbs have been used for different purposes such as skin care products, beauty products, medical products, etc. The medical products are used in treating different types of health conditions. Before the invention of the allopathic medicines, the Natural Products from Indiawere used by all cultures. Since the herbal products are natural, they can help in restoring the normal balance in life. People in India still make use of herbal products in forms of alternative medicine. These medicinal herbs are extracted from the bark, leaves, fruits, roots or flowers of the trees.

These herbs are then boiled in water so that the medicinal properties can be used. This concoction is then strained and stored to preserve the active components of the herbs. Some of the herbs are then dried, powdered and compressed and given the form of a tablet so that they can be consumed. There are specific types of herbs that are most effective when they are consumed in the form of tea. The herbal oils are formed by infusing the herbs with the oil under direct sunlight. There are also different types of ointments and creams created in the similar way to get relief from natural pain. These creams and ointments are created either with oil or fat.

There are several types of herbs used in the products for the medicinal purposes. Some of which are:

  • The Echinacea that is extracted is made into powder after which it can be used to reduce the flu symptoms. It can also be used to improve the functioning of the kidney.

  • Garlic, when used as a juice or powder, can reduce cholesterol and for treating infections.  

  • Ginger is a root that can be consumed dried or directly and will help to reduce nausea and improve the blood circulation.

  • Gingko is obtained by boiling and then the decoction can be ingested to improve the blood circulation of the brain that in turn boosts memory power and will reduce any risk of dementia.

  • Ginseng is a root that can be consumed in the form of powder so that it can improve one’s immune system and reduces any sign of fatigue and blood pressure.

  • St. John's Wort is extracted and is prepared in the form of creams that can be then applied to reduce inflammation and burns.

  • Lavender can be used in the form of cream or oil to treat depression or headaches. It can also help in curing indigestion and other problems related to the stomach. It can be consumed as a tea by the person who has all these problems.

  • Chamomile, when consumed in the form of tea, can help in relieving anxiety and stress. It can also help in reducing asthma conditions.

The herbal products from Indiawill help each person in different ways according to the condition that they are suffering from. Herbal products have proved beneficial for many people all over the world. The price of the herbal products is quite cheaper as compared to the other prescribed drugs.

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